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Bike Trip Summaries

Phoenix to El Paso Map

Oklahoma City corpus christi map

cycle ride across america

Daily Trip Blog Posts

Day 1 Phoenix-Apache Junction 30 Miles

Toronto-Phoenix started with customs insisting I take apart all of my carefully packaged bike and travel gear, right down to the last screw and energy bar. It took me most of  a 1/2 hr to unpack/repack. Flight to Phoenix was late (just like the last time). Good thing...

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Phoenix AZ to Albuquerque NM Bike Ride

My next bike trip - not as ambitious as the other rides where I was averaging over 100 miles/day. this one will be 400 miles over 5 days, with a couple of short days built into the front end and the backend of the ride. Once landing at Phoenix, I'll assemble my bike...

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Other Trip Links

currently consolidating several sites into one - here are the links to content: Videos from Phoenix AZ to El Paso TX Blog on my solo ride across the...

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Oklahoma City OK to Corpus Christi TX Bike Ride Summary

OK, this was my most intense ride.  My birthday present to myself was to pedal a solo 600 miles in six days from Oklahoma City to Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico, and here is how it rolled out: Getting There Day One  - OKC to Madill Day Two - Madill to Dallas Day...

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Day 6 – Victoria to Corpus Christi – 100mi / 162km

It rained all night in Victoria, and was grey and drizzling in the morning. I packed the bike into the Red Bug and drove off to return the car. On the way the sun broke through and I got this: I took the rainbow to be a good omen. Enterprise RentaCar dropped me off at...

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Day 5 – Austin to Victoria – 122mi / 196km by red bug

Yesterday my trip was cut short by a thunderstorm with 35 miles to go and I stopped in Taylor for the night. I spend most of the night awake, listening to the rain pelting down and thunder rolling across the sky punctuated by bursts of lighting. While I've done 140+...

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Day 4 – Waco to Austin – not

Well, the day did not go as planned - I fell short because of weather, currently in Tyler, 35 miles north of Austin: It was a day of intense weather. It was raining when I left Waco, then it cleared up for a stretch. It looked like I had a clear path between two storm...

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Day 3 – Dallas to Waco – 108mi / 174 km

Today was emotionally intense - 0-20 miles: It's taking forever to leave Dallas city proper. The hills take forever to pedal and the headwind is the strongest I've experienced. 20-50 miles: I'm finally in the countryside - The sound of the wind in my ears and the...

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Day 2 – Madill OK to Dallas TX – 95mi / 153km

Today's ride began with ranchland and ended in Dallas suburbia. The hills smoothed out a bit, now with long, long inclines with trees on both sides which acted to funnel the headwind into something a bit stronger than if it were open fields. Missed out on rain but it...

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In Oklahoma City

So it begins - landing at OKC airport, unpacking and assembling the bike and cycling south to Norman in preparation for 600+miles in six days. Temperature was 31C/89F with a headwind out of the south at 10mph and gusting to 20mph.  I planned my daily mileage expecting...

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Updated Texas Trip Map: Oklahoma City to Corpus Christi

Ok, I now know my daily destinations for my "600 miles in 6 days" -  I fly into OKC, assemble my bike at the airport and pedal off to a Best Western. Then: Day 1 - OKC to Madill - 106 mi Day 2 - Madill to Dallas - 95 mi Day 3 - Dallas to Waco - 108 mi Day 4 - Waco to...

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Toronto-Hamilton 91 mi / 145 km

As part of my ongoing prep for Texas in two weeks, today's ride from Toronto around the end of Lake Ontario to Hamilton Beach. Man that was a cold ride and the return trip from Burlington to Toronto was into a stiff wind - I kept telling myself this was good training.

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