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Lisa Rake (1936-2018) has been an ardent painter of scenes from her native Germany in addition to exploring a variety of styles.

Her paintings have raised thousands of dollars through charity auctions.

The following represents her portfolio that is available for donation to hospices, seniors residences and hospitals.

For more information please contact Bernie Schmidt @ 416-604-4777 email


Frame Size: 32 x 26

Country Village

Frame Size: 32 x 20

Wood for the Fire

Frame Size: 41 x 35

On the River Ems

Frame Size: 30 x 20

Fall in Emden

Frame Size: 24 x 20


Frame Size: 24 x 28

Country Road

Frame Size: 33 x 27

Letter for Elizabeth

Frame Size: 17 x 20

Spring Seeds

Frame Size: 22 x 26

Still Life

Frame Size: 22 x 20