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It rained all night in Victoria, and was grey and drizzling in the morning. I packed the bike into the Red Bug and drove off to return the car. On the way the sun broke through and I got this:


I took the rainbow to be a good omen. Enterprise RentaCar dropped me off at city limits, I assembled my bike on the side of the highway and wrapped my bags in plastic as it was raining.

While the sky was grey all around, it looked like my route was taking me around the darkest part of the sky. I got rained on five times, sometimes drizzling, mostly pelting but no thunder.

Then, the skies mostly cleared and I spent the middle 40 miles drying out as I pedalled. 

Then the last 40 miles were great – sun was out and wind on my back – after labouring at 13 mph with a stiff headwind for most of the trip, I was effortlessly clocking 20mph along the last stretch of the coast – certainly helps the mood. I checked in and my room view is this:


So I’m done – tomorrow it’s off to a bike shop to box the bike, then off to the Corpus Christi airport.