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Over the last decade I have undertaken a series of trips that resulted in my cycling across the United States of America, taking me from San Diego CA to Tucson AZ, Tucson to El Paso TX, El Paso to San Antonio TX, San Antonio to New Orleans LA, and finally New Orleans to Jacksonville FLA:

One trip segment that I wasn’t too enamored with was my first ride between Tucson and El Paso – basically, I was unprepared: wrong bike, wrong level of fitness, wrong attitude.

It took me eight days to cover the 400 miles, and during that time I bummed rides twice (once in Arizona after climbing a series of mountains – I was burnt out and I helped a change a tire on a tracker trailer that was bringing tomatoes from Mexico to parts north) and a second time to avoid a dust storm that ripped through the southern part of New Mexico.

This October 2011, thirteen years later, I am going back to redo the original trip. What took me eight days the first time around, I will now do in four.

Subsequent posts will talk about my preparation leading up to the trip, and this time around, videos!

cheers, b

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