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I’ll be cutting this close –

  • Take cab with dismantled bike to bike shop
  • Pack bike into cardboard bike box
  • check in at airport
  • catch 12:30 flight back to Toronto

So –

  • Got to bike store, packed bike, and the box was too big for backseat or trunk of cab
  • unpacked bike, flattened and folded the box and stuffed everything into the cab
  • got to airport and emptied cab:20140529_100453
  • repacked bike:20140529_101122
  • got charged $250 by United Airlines to check in the bike (they charged $100 on the way down). Counter clerk and manager were inflexible. Outrageous.
  • Hopped skipped jumped from Corpus Christi – Houston – Philadelphia – Toronto in a series of small planes and prayed that my bike would make all the transfer points:20140529_163545

Both bike and I arrived in Toronto at same time.

Bike trip is over.